Terms & Conditions

Key Points

Full description of property / amenities / guidelines must be reviewed before booking.
The property is strictly non-smoking however suitable points to safely extinguish cigarettes is supplied outside the property.
Accurate information must be supplied on all people staying at the property, failure to do so may result in cancellation with no refund, either before or during your stay. Any suggested amendments after the booking must be agreed by us.
All booking dates to / from will be confirmed by email along with confirmation of all people staying.
Our booking agreement / contract is with the lead person booking. This person will be liable and hold responsibility for payment, booking conditions and terms & conditions prior to / during your stay.
The lead person booking must be aged 18 or above at the time of booking.
There is a strict policy regarding pets, Bumblebee Cottage will allow one dog only, either staying or visiting the property.
Arrival time is 5pm onwards and departure time 10am. Arrivals after 8pm must be agreed in advance to ensure attendance at the property to provide keys etc.
Whilst at the property all instructions re use of goods / equipment must be adhered to. This is for your own safety with electrical equipment including the use of the Hot Tub.
Only logs can be used as fuel on the log burner, other substitutes will result in damage to the system in place.
Deposits / balances must be made on time. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of your booking, with no refund of monies already paid.
Damage - we would recommend that you look into short term travel insurance which includes cover for any damage to the property or its contents. Any damage will result in costs of repair being requested from the person who has booked the accommodation.
Your Cancellation rights - please see breakdown in ‘Booking conditions’
Cancellations or changes made by us - We will provide 100% commitment to meeting your needs / booking but can not be held liable should an appliance not be as described due to previous visitor damage or a cancellation due to an act beyond our control e.g. natural disaster, fire, flood storm, malicious damage, power loss etc. Please see full breakdown in or ‘Booking conditions’
Special requests - all request outside ‘whats included’ must be agreed with us no less than 14 days prior to arrival to ensure we can meet your needs.
Communication - all communication from us will be via email / telephone as agreed as a preference upon your enquiry / booking with us.
We accept no liability for any damage, injury caused to any individual / individuals possessions staying at / visiting the property.

Booking Conditions

1. Making your booking

All bookings depend on the property being available at the dates you request and that the party meets our needs for numbers / age etc. To book you must be aged 18 or more at the time of booking and accept that you are authorised by all the members of your party to book on their behalf. You are also responsible to ensure that all members of your party agree to and meet our terms and conditions (see separate listing).
We will also outline the details regarding the Hot Tub for the safety of you and your party members. It is important that all members needs are considered, as this covers the chemicals we use and also the need to check medical conditions prior to use etc.
Following your enquiry an email will be supplied outlining all that has been agreed for:
Members of your party along with ages
Room resets
Additional service (if applicable)
Special needs (if applicable)
At this point we will ask you to review these in full and email us your acceptance of these terms. This then enters you into a legally binding agreements with us. We will also request the deposits / full payment at this time which you have 7 days to pay (unless booking is less than 8 weeks then we will ask you to agree to waive these rights and request payment in full).
As soon as you receive your confirmation you must check the details carefully. If anything is not correct, you should tell us immediately.
It remains your responsibility to check your emails and their contents and advise us of any changes you need to make to your booking or changes to your contact details etc. Please note that some changes we will not be able to accommodate, and this may result in the cancellation of your booking (see Cancellation rights for more details).

2. Payment

When you book, you should pay the deposit amount due via bank transfer or credit card payments via Paypal (a 3.4% charge will be added to cover additional costs). We only accept payments in pounds sterling. We must then receive the rest of the monies owed no less than 8 weeks before the start of your trip. The balance will be total cost remaining, including any additional items added. For any booking made with less than 8 weeks until the start of your trip you must pay in full by bank transfer or Credit Card via PayPal (a 3.4% charge will be added to cover additional costs). All payments made to us will be acknowledged by email from us / PayPal (where applicable).
If you do not pay any payment due in relation to your booking by the appropriate date, we are entitled to assume the you want to cancel the booking. In this case your booking will be cancelled immediately and any deposit paid will be retained, due to loss of booking / earnings. Please all see cancellation sections.

3. Pricing

Please contact us for pricing and availability, alternatively by clicking 'Book Now' you will be directed to the cottages.com site.
All prices quoted and agreed at the time of booking will cover ‘whats included’ along with all electricity, water etc used during your trip.
All prices are for the property and not on a ‘per person’ basis.

4. Offers and Promotions

cottages.com at times run offers and promotions and these can be found on their website.
There will not be the option once booked to move your booking to an offer, as this would constitute as a cancellation and new booking.

5. Website details

We aim to ensure that the information / descriptions used on our website are a accurate as possible, at all times. There may be small details changed due to redecoration / replacement of goods.
Occasionally problems mean that some facilities or services may not be available at the time of your stay, if this happens we will tell you as soon as we become aware of the situation.
The property's WiFi is supplied by BT and is for personal use only. There may be occasions when this is not accessible due to circumstances beyond our control. Bookings are not accepted if they are wholly reliant on the uninterrupted provision of WiFi, it should also be noted that the property is located in a area which is outside some mobile providers coverage and we advise that a more effect signal is achieved by those subscribing to O2 / Vodafone. For those with an iPhone 6 or above you can also take advantage of WiFi calling, subject to signal etc. Access codes for the WiFi will be provided upon arrival.

6 Cancellation / Changes

a) Changes
You must notify us by email immediately of any changes to your booking, no matter how small. We will do our best to meet those changes, but we do not guarantee that we will be able to accommodate them.
Changes to member of your party - please advise of the person you wish to remove and who is attending in their place (if applicable) along with their age etc. Please also advise how this changes your room plans / layout at the same time.
Changes to the lead person - if you are no longer attending but wish the another member of your party to retain the booking, then you must advise who the lead person will be in your place. We would also need to have their contact details (email and telephone) as we will need to obtain their written acceptance of the transfer of liability, before we can complete your request.
Changes to members which do not meet our guidelines will not be agreed and may result in the need to cancel your booking, this will impact also on monies already paid / due. We would discuss this with you / notify you via email prior to cancelling your booking.

b) Cancellation in Full
If you have to, want to cancel your booking, you must advise us as soon as possible by email and we will take the date of the email as notification for calculating any further monies owed etc. If you cancel prior to 8 weeks of day one of your trip we retain the deposit and attempt to obtain another booking to reduce loss of earnings etc. Cancellations made with less than 8 weeks notice will require full reason for cancellation and if a further booking can be obtained then a partial refund may be given, this is why we recommend that travel insurance is taken out to cover you, your party, for extreme changes in circumstances.
NB an immediate cancellation would be enforced should upon arrival it is clear that inaccurate information has been supplied e.g. presence of members other than specified on booking, pets present etc. On these occasion no access to the property will be allowed and the booking cancelled without refund immediately. In this instance we would not cover costs for travel, for alternative accommodate etc due to failure to provide accurate and honest information upon booking.
All decisions made by us are non negotiable and final. By booking with us you are agreeing to these booking / cancellation terms in full.

c) Part Cancellation
As outlined above if there is a member of your party who wishes to cancel then we require immediate notification via email, along with how this affects your room layout / requirements. This will not affect your overall booking as the price is for the property not ‘per person’.

d) Cancellation by us
It is highly unlikely that we would cancel your booking unless there are issues beyond our control e.g. natural disaster, loss of power, floods, storm, malicious damage resulting in the property being uninhabitable / unsafe. In these extreme circumstances we would contact you as soon as possible and offer you: a) an alternative selection of dates at the same / reduced prices (dependant on low, mid, high season) or b) a refund in full.
The only exception to this is when a courtywide disaster / pandemic results in you not being able to travel / closure of our accommodation in line with government rules. In this scenario we would offer to move your booking with 12 months. There would be no transfer fee but if the new dates were of a greater value, the difference must be paid upon transfer. We will not offer a refund.
*Should we need to advise you of a change to the property for accessibility / amenities etc due to extreme circumstances (as outlined above) then we will notify you at our earliest convenience and where necessary will offer a partial refund to reflect the circumstance. When considering any partial refunds we would take into account the impact of the loss of service on your visit. Any refunds / offers would be non negotiable and final.

7. Insurance

We can not enforce but do highly recommend that you take out insurance to cover you, members of your party to cover any cancellation, health & safety and costs against damage / personal liability.
If taking out insurance please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that it will cover you / your members against all aspects. Please also see the section on damage and our liability.

8. Disabilities and medical problems

If you or any member of your party has a medical problem or disability please discuss this with us prior to making your booking. We will where possible provide you with as much information as possible to see if our property and location will accommodate their needs. any decision to book following this will be your sole responsibility and we will not be able to offer advice, only help you make an informed choice.
To help you with any decisions, please note that the location of Skipsea village, means there is a 5 mile journey to the nearest doctors which is located in Hornsea. There are also various chemists in Hornsea, but the nearest all night chemist is located in Bridlington (11 miles away).
There is a walk-in centre in Bridlington (11 miles away) or Beverley (13 miles away). Hospitals available near by are a substantial journey to either Hull (22 miles) or Scarborough (24 miles).

9. Arrival / Departing

The earliest arrival time is 5pm
The latest departure time is 10am
These times remain the same for every booking. If you are seeking an earlier arrival / later departure time the must be requested, and where possible, may be accommodated. This remains at short notice only and subject to other bookings to the property.
These times are set to allow the thorough cleaning and correct preparation of the property, to meets your needs and booking requirements.
You must supply an expected arrival time to ensure we can meet you at the property and talk you through the layout / appliances etc. If you are planning to arrive after 8pm, then this must be agreed in advance to ensure we can accommodate your needs.
If you experience a problem on the day, then you must notify us immediately, advising of the circumstances and new expected arrival time.

10. All Occupants to the property

You and all members of your party must agree to the following:


  • Keep the property clean and tidy
  • Leave the property in a similar condition as you found it
  • Behave in a respectful and lawful way whilst at the property
  • Do not use the property for any illegal or commercial purpose
  • Do not allow anyone to stay who has not been declared and agreed by us
  • Respectful when using outdoor facilities to neighbours e.g. time of day / noise volumes
  • Responsible for all goods / appliance. Any damage incurred must be paid for (repair / replacement)
  • Accept that refusal to the property can be enforced if any members attending do not match those stated and agreed upon booking
  • Any evidence of illegal / antisocial behaviour will result in all members being asked to leave immediately
  • The towels provided in the rooms are not to be used for the hot tub.
  • Use the designated bin colours as illustrated to maximise of recycling / caring for our environment.


You must not allow more people to stay that previously outlined, when booking due to health / safety and breach of our terms and conditions. E.g. you can not book stating the details of 2 adults and 2 children then arrive with 4 adults and no children - access to the property will be refused and no refund given.
We will attend the property during your stay for external mail collection, refuse collection of external bins (where necessary) and to check the chemical balance in the hot tub etc.
We will if deemed necessary enter the property should we have any concerns.
Smoking is only allowed outside the property and smoking materials extinguished in the areas designated.

Hot Tub:

Steps to access the tub are clearly marked (inside the tub and are embossed with anti slip surface) and this should be the only way the tub should be entered / exited.
It is a 10+ seater solid resin hot tub with bench seating, multi level hydrotherapy jets, captain chair and underwater lighting. The temperature of the hot tub will be set to 40 degrees unless agreed otherwise.
To ensure the hygiene of the water, the tub is cleaned and sanitised between visitors, using a Chlorine based soluble treatment. There is also built in filtration system which constantly removes any dirt and debris from the water. The chemical balance is upheld by a chemical float which is removed when bathers enter and must be placed in the tub when not in use. This also contains a chlorine based slow release chemical tablet system.
All users should shower / be clean before entering the hot tub, must not have any oil based skin products or fake tan applied to their skin - this will affect the water resulting in a brown scum and strong odour which can to be removed.
Please note that although these are low levels of chlorine (typically lower then found in commercial swimming pools) any allergies to chlorine must be considered. Also a responsible adult only should be able to remove the replace the float and must not be left within access to children at any stage. should any person come into contact directly with the chemicals then hands should be washed throughly immediately.
The use of these chemicals can cause the fading of swimwear and / or a discolouration of the water as a result. this will not affect the hygiene levels ad we do not accept liability for the damage to any swimwear.
The tub controls must only be used by an adult and clear instructions of how to operate the hot tub for temperature, jets, lighting etc is available in the hot tub locations.
Medical conditions - any person suffering from any medical condition, pregnant or on medication of any description should approach their doctor priorate coming on the trip to ascertain if they can use this facilitate. we will never offer any advise on who can / can not use the hot tub, this remains you / your member sole responsibility.
Children under the age of 6 do not have fully active sweat glands and can quickly overheat which can result in heat exhaustion / sickness. temperature of 38 degrees or more or exposure over 15 minutes or more bring this condition on.
Children also should never be left unattended in any water / hot tub and remains the sole liability of a responsible adult of the party.
You / Your party should never eat in the tub and drinks should be placed on the outside (decking surrounding the tub). No electrical equipment is supplied or should be used round the tub due to threat of electric shocks.
Please use the towel pegs provided to prevent risks of tripping / accidents.
No glass objects are to be used in / around the hot tub, there are various plastic based glassware available in the property and this must be used for all drinks. Do not run around the hot tub, jump or dive into it etc.
You must not add anything to the water (eg colouring / bubble bath etc) - If you / any member of the party contaminates the water wether accidental or wilful, so it is unsafe to use, then the hot tub will be switched off. This will require in a full sterilisation, refill and reheat of the tub which will result in withdrawal of the hot tub use, for the rest of your stay. Please note it is your responsibility to ensure the rules of the hot tub (displayed in the hot tub area) are met at all times, in line with our guidelines and there will be no refund should the tub become ‘un-usable’ and further monies may be requested if we feel this facility has been abused. Any decision we make regarding this remains final.

11. Damage

You will be responsible for all damages / breakages caused by you / your party to the property and / or its contents (including the costs of any works needed to put this right). This includes responsibility for paying for this damage. If you discover any missing items / damaged goods on arrival, you must advise us immediately.

A £100 security bond is requested by bank transfer prior to arrival or in cash on arrival of the first guest, keys will not be released until this has been paid. This will be returned within 72 hours of departure, should there be no damage, breakages or additional cleaning being required, and the property is left in the same condition it was upon arrival. Please note this does not waive our right to request funds in excess of this should the damage / cleaning / repairs, exceed the £100 bond.

12. Special requests

If you have any special requests, you must let us know prior to booking, to ensure these can be accommodated. If special requests arise after booking, please contact us immediately, to allow us time to review these and respond to you as soon as possible.

13. Transport

You are responsible for all forms of transport to / from and during your stay, and the prices quoted are strictly for the property only. Should you experience problems during your stay and you require help in finding a local garage etc, please let us know.

14. Complaints

If you are unhappy with any stage of your booking / visit then please notify us immediately. We are happy to look into any issue, even if it seems small to ensure you enjoy your visit to Bumblebee Cottage.

15. Our responsibility to you

We commit to provide you with clear and accurate information, to the best of our ability at every stage of your relationship with us. We regularly update our website with descriptions, photographs etc and welcome any questions, no matter how small they seem prior to booking.

We agree to check all facilities in the property prior to your arrival to ensure that all linen, towels, cleaning, facilities, equipment is to a high standard and fit for purpose. We are dedicated to addressing any issues / concerns you may have during your stay, to maximise your enjoyment of staying not just in our house but to enjoy all that East Yorkshire has to offer.

We will regularly check the chemical levels in the hot tub during your stay and ensure this is hygienic for use. If we have any concerns we all raise these with you immediately.

We will not be legally responsible for any injury, illness, or death or resulting losses suffered by you, or any member of your party; unless you can prove that the jury, illness was caused by lack of reasonable care and skill on our part.

If goods breakdown or stop working you must advise us immediately. We will determine the problem and attempt to rectify it where possible. We will also assertion how the damage was caused e.g. misuse / wear and tear etc.

We have clearly outlined above our process and rules for booking, payments and cancellation rights and our responsibilities. We accept no responsibility for loss of colour to clothing / swimmer / towels which have come into contact with the hot tub water / chemicals. As outlined the chemicals supplied contain chlorine, which causes fading to certain materials

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